Frequently Asked Questions

As long as this is a reflection token those sells are necessary to bring the loved doge rewards to you! If the wallet did accumulate a bigger amount of tokens due to the higher sells or buys in the last days, those tokens need to be lowered, so the 20k sells can temporarily be higher than the buys and sells itself. After the amount is lowered, less contract sells will be there! You can look everything up in the contract. As long as this is a LONG TERM project, do not worry too much about the short term chart.

– Go to the dashboard and press withdraw.

No this is not our 1st project, we have successfully launched other projects. You can see that from the preparations we have done with Windoge95 from day 1. We speak with actions, not words!
We prefer to talk with our actions and transparency. Doxxing does not mean a thing… Check the project and the work that has been put behind.
We will not renounce. we want to build and develop on the contract. Renouncing means leaving a ship without a captain.

You can already see our first NFT on our website. Feel free to leave a comment if you like it! Yes there will be a use case. Possibly even several.. As a first note, we are thinking about using the NFTs as a boost for your $DOGE Rewards. So you can increase your rewards by holding NFTs.

As this is a longterm project we want you to hold $WNDG95. The 3 % sell fee is to discourage swing trading.

Of course there will be giveaways for our awesome community!

Our unique reward system is triggered by volume (buy + sell activity to cover gas fees). Payouts to holders may not occur every hour if trading volume is low. When this is the case, the amount of rewarded $DOGE each holder will receive does not decrease. However, will accrue over a longer period of time until it is suitable for a payout trigger (usually a few hours).

U can check our tutorial – click here

The best way to contact the team is through our telegram. 

We are always available to help you!